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Senior UX Designer



  • 负责 B 端企业协同、数字孪生类产品的 UX 设计(包括 PC、Web、移动端、VR/AR 端等)

  • 对业务和产品有清晰准确的理解,能够从 0 到 1 构建设计体系,负责从设计策略到 设计执行的全流程工作,有设计管理经验;

  • 和产品负责人,产品经理一起构思创意,提供具备优质产品体验的整体解决方案 对产品数据的变化与用户满意度有极高的敏感度,能灵活度量产品的整体体验水平, 提出改进建议;

  • 时刻关注并分析流行产品设计趋势,研究目标用户需求,体验诉求与审美倾向,并迅速优化改进产品。

  • Responsible for UX design of B-side enterprise collaboration and digital twin products (including PC, Web, mobile, VR/AR side, etc.)

  • Have a clear and accurate understanding of business and products, able to build design systems from 0 to 1, responsible for the whole process from design strategy to design execution, with design management experience.

  • Work with product owners and product managers to conceptualize ideas and provide overall solutions with quality product experience Be sensitive to changes in product data and user satisfaction, and be able to flexibly measure the overall experience level of the product and make suggestions for improvement.

  • Always pay attention to and analyze popular product design trends, study target users' needs, experience demands, and aesthetic tendencies, and quickly optimize and improve products.


  • 本科及以上学历,设计/艺术类相关专业;

  • 3 年以上互联网或移动互联网设计经验具备成功商业化产品的项目经验与整体设计方案落地经验;

  • 有 B 端工具类产品设计经验者优先;

  • 精通各类设计方法和设计工具;深度理解 Web、移动端、VR/AR 端设计原则和规范;

  • 极度重视细节,追求像素级完美,具备人机交互设计与用户洞察能力;

  • 对前沿科技,设计探索有浓厚兴趣,自我驱动力强,具备较成熟的产品思维和用户同理心,能深度参与用户研究、交互设计、设计原型开发的工作。

  • Bachelor's degree or above, majoring in design/art-related fields.

  • 3+ years of Internet or mobile Internet design experience with project experience of successfully commercialized products and overall design solution implementation experience.

  • Experience in B-side tool product design is preferred.

  • Proficient in various design methods and design tools; deep understanding of Web, mobile, VR/AR design principles and specifications.

  • Strong attention to detail, the pursuit of pixel-level perfection, human-computer interaction design, and user insight capabilities.

  • Strong interest in cutting-edge technology, design exploration, self-driven, mature product thinking and user empathy, ability to deeply participate in user research, interaction design, and design prototype development.



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