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The Leading Digital Twin Collaboration Platform for the Enterprise.

Model Based

Data Driven

All in One

Our goal is to build the digital twin platform needed for digital transformation and achieve comprehensive collaboration across disciplines, departments and organizations.

Zixel digital twin collaboration platform

We are devoted to comprehensively improve the efficiency of data flow of the whole value chain of products, and connect different functional departments and data silos such as R&D, manufacturing, supply chain and marketing.

The platform links various PLM, MBSE, CAX, BOM, ERP, MES, CRM systems.

Taking into account public cloud and private deployment

Provides comprehensive application development interfaces.

Zixel Technologies uses the digital twin collaboration platform and open platform to create diverse software products and provide six categories of targeted services to provide digital transformation solutions for various industries.

Zixel .Open Platform

The Zixel open platform, built on Zixel's digital twin collaboration platform, is fully open to partners and developers.

​Digital Collaboration Platform

digital space platform

search by shape

ZPLM .   coming soon 

Product lifecycle management


Abstract Futuristic Background

Digital Transformation Consulting

We assist companies in mapping out a digital upgrade roadmap from which they can demonstrate detailed business requirements to realize the value of digital opportunities.



See how our products and services are used in a variety of industries

Manufacturing Industry

By pulling together multi-dimensional heterogeneous data, we establish a full-domain digital twin value chain to improve the efficiency of cross-discipline, cross-department and cross-organizational collaboration, thus comprehensively improving the efficiency of R&D, production, operation and marketing.

Energy Industry

Relying on the perceptible digital twin power system and the "source, network and load" synergistic and complementary development system, we continue to optimize the operational efficiency and utilization of power equipment and provide safer and cleaner smart energy solutions.

Infrastructure Operation

Digital twin V2X system, digital twin high-speed railway, digital twin airport, digital twin port, digital twin mine, digital twin water conservancy.


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